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Archline Orthotic Flip Flop Blue/White Size 40


Archline Orthotic Flip Flop Blue/White Size 40


The Archline Jandals are the Most Comfortable Jandals Ever!

Each jandal has a super comfy arch support and has an EVA base and skin-friendly TPU strap. These thongs are super comfy to wear and can be worn anywhere - the beach, around the home, on the street.

Features & Benefits:

  • Arch Support Orthotic Thongs
  • Super Lightweight Comfy Arch Support Sole
  • Fully maps the soft tissue muscle of the foot (plantar fascia muscle)
  • Made from EVA (base) and TPU (strap)
  • Designed to provide orthopaedic comfort and relief for wearers
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Anti-wear, Anti-bacterial, washable EVA base
  • Non irritative strap, skin friendly


  • EVA sole, PVC strap/upper

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