Fragrance Oil 12ml English Lavender
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Fragrance Oil 12ml English Lavender

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Fragrance Description: English Lavender, once an emblem for affection, was worn in the lining of a hat “for all the griefs and pains of the head,” giddiness, or “turning of the brain.” What sets the English Lavender apart from the others of its kind is the sweet top note that beckons forth from its gorgeous aroma. None are truer and sweeter than the English Lavender. The name Lavender originates from the latin 'laver' which means to wash.

Scent: Traditional floral base with sweet top notes.

Size: 12ml

English Lavender Fragrance Oils can be used for burning in Oil Burners, re-fragrancing Pot Pourri.

Do not use on synthetic materials and avoid contact with skin.

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