VaporPro Vaporizer

VaporPro Vaporizer

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General Information

  • For Relief from Colds, Flu, Coughs, Nasal Congestion, Bronchitis and Croup
  • Quietest Vaporizer available Guaranteed.
  • Suitable for all ages from Birth
  • Easiest Vaporizer to Use and Fill
  • Latest Technology produces a better flow of steam 
  • Teflon Element ensures easy 'rinse only' cleaning and maintenance.
  • Works with Soft and Hard Water
  • Low emitting Safety light and Auto Cut-Off Switch
  • Full 5 Year Warranty
  • Australian Made and Owned

BOTTOM MOUNTED INTERNAL HEATING ELEMENT, unlike conventional vaporizers that heat from the top of the unit TAAV heats from the bottom ensuring a better flow of steam for longer. As the element isn't required to be removed the TAAV Vaporizer is easier to fill with water than Traditional Vaporizers.

TEFLON COATING, Teflon coated element to help reduce build-up of foreign chemicals and scale on the element. Simply rinse to clean.

SAFETY LOW EMITTING NIGHT LIGHT, allows for easy detection in a dark room and also shows when the unit is operating.

SAFETY CUT-OUT SWITCH, Turns unit off when the water runs out.

STARTS QUICKLY, Starts steaming quickly in approx. 3 minutes.

TRIPLE WALL INSULATION, Ensures quietest operation of any vaporizer available on the market. As the water only boils inside the steam chamber the water tank stays cooler making the unit safe and cooler to touch on the external walls.

5 YEAR WARRANTY, The TAAV Vaporizer carries a full 5 year Warranty.

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